A lot of these are utilities I just made for myself.

  • twitter-video-saver - Adds a "Save Video" context menu option to Twitter videos.
  • flspy - Sorts all URLs found in the given input files into the relevant domain group files.


I'm a front end web developer with professional experience using Angular and Nest.js, and hobby experience with Svelte and React/Next.js. As you can probably tell, I work with JavaScript. I don't know how I'm still sane.

I absolutely love working on the back end though! Writing scripts and command-line tools feels very satisfying to me, but I haven't had a chance to do too much on a professional level.

I work on dumb little hobby projects on the side. Anything I feel worth sharing can be found on my GitHub. I've recently started falling in love with Rust and Go.

I like watching anime from time to time. Check out my MyAnimeList. Senko Singing

I can be reached fastest through Discord @ vanyilla .

I love Vivian